air support

In today’s fast-paced aviation industry, staying connected, informed, and in control of flight operations is crucial. Whether you are managing a commercial airline, cargo service, or private aviation, having access to real-time data and the right tools can make a significant difference. One such tool that is revolutionizing the way aviation professionals handle flight tracking and operations is OpsControl | Flight Watch. The Air Support you need.

Global Coverage Even in Remote Areas

OpsControl | Flight Watch offers global coverage, ensuring that flight operations remain uninterrupted, even in remote and challenging locations. It leverages multiple ADS-B data feeds, including terrestrial ADS-B data via its aviation-grade network. What sets Flight Watch apart is its flexibility—users can choose from various ADS-B data feeds, including satellite-based ADS-B, ACARS, SATCOM connectivity services, and third-party AC-mounted tracking devices. This freedom of choice allows aviation professionals to customize their setup to meet specific operational requirements.

Whether you need comprehensive coverage for your entire fleet or want to scale your flight tracking solution as your needs evolve, OpsControl | Flight Watch provides the flexibility to adapt.

Diversion Alert: Real-Time Notifications and Warnings

Flight operations require constant vigilance and the ability to respond swiftly to changing circumstances. OpsControl | Flight Watch’s notification center plays a crucial role in keeping dispatchers informed about flight statuses and any exceptions that may arise. This includes real-time alerts for both unforeseen events and those that can be predicted.

Dispatchers have the capability to set up user-defined notifications, alerts, and warnings. These notifications are highly configurable, allowing dispatchers to select the type of events they want to monitor, set trigger values, and configure the preferred messaging methods. Managing by exception not only enhances operational safety but also optimizes time management within the Operations Control Center (OCC) or flight operations department.

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Workflow

OpsControl | Flight Watch seamlessly integrates with the PPS Flight Planning System and other flight planning solutions, offering an extra live dimension to the daily dispatcher workflow. This integration allows dispatchers to visualize the planned route for a flight directly on the map and compare it with the actual flown route obtained from live tracking data. This real-time data comparison empowers aviation professionals with full operational awareness at every phase of a flight.

With user-friendly customization features, including map layer controls designed specifically for aviation professionals, Flight Watch offers a comprehensive toolset for effective flight management.